Try a New Flavor of Ice Cream

Most people love ice cream as a fun treat but many people always eat the same ice cream flavor. It can be fun to try new flavors, especially with all the outrageous ice cream flavors that are available. If you want to try something new, check out an ice cream shop. They often have one or two really fun flavors that you can’t find elsewhere. Some of these flavors may not be at your local ice cream shop but often they can be found in shops in big cities and areas that are popular with tourists.

Almost everyone has heard of, and probably eaten, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. But there is so much more out there in the ice cream world. Bacon ice cream is a fun treat that may sound strange but many people like the salty addition from the bacon to offset the sweetness of the ice cream. Sweet corn flavored ice cream is another odd sounding flavor that is gaining popularity.

If you like things on the spicy side, there are several ice cream flavors that are made with various peppers, including a tasty cayenne and chocolate flavor. Honey is also a popular addition to many of the new outrageous ice cream flavors, along with lavender and even goat cheese. The next time you’re out for ice cream, step away from your normal flavor and try something new.